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Have Yum Yum, Will Travel

I take my Yum Yum Dish to my favorite ice cream store so that I don’t get more than I need. Instead of avoiding the treat shop, I make frequent visits. It works well at home too! – Emily B., Greenville SC

Chocolate Yum Yum Pie

Crush 3 Oreo cookies and pack into the bottom half of your Yum Yum Dish. Spoon in chocolate pudding of choice (low fat, sugar free, or plain ol’ pudding). Top with one tablespoon of whipped cream. – Sara, NH

Tex Mex For One

Don’t allow the family to eat Mexican layer dip out of a big party dish. Make individual layer dips in a Yum Yum Dish and each family member will have to STOP eating when the dip is gone. Put the most fattening layers at the bottom where the surface area is smaller (such as guacamole). […]